Wow Your Buyers

Why stage with Hello Home?

We make things simple.

The selling and moving process is simplifed when the cleaning, repairing, de-cluttering and neutralizing are addressed before listing your house. And when you get a contract more quickly, you will have less inconvenience and fewer disruptions since your home spends less time on the market.

We believe in teamwork.

We specialize in working directly with you, your budget, your furnishings. Our goal is not to get your home staged, but rather, SOLD! We work directly with you and your Realtor until the buyers sign the closing contract.
We’re affordable.

We keep costs reasonable by using as many of your current possessions as possible. Staging is using creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation in the most meaningful way possible. It’s not about spending money that you’ll never make back on the sale of your home.
Our goal is the highest ROI (return on investment) attainable.

We’re fun.

We’re here to brighten your day and lighten your load. Moving is stressful enough as it is, you deserve the highest level of customer and Home Staging service, and with our knowledge, expertise, and training, we deliver it with a smile — every time!

We get results.

When a home is properly priced, marketed, and staged, 95% of the homes staged by Hello Home go under contract in 34 days or less*. The quickest contract was written in an hour and fifteen minutes (at the first showing) and the slowest was 34 days (but the homeowners received 4 offers!).


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